Quick Start

Citation Tool 4.0 is a plugin for Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010 to insert bibliography directly from your EEWOWW account into your Word document. To use the plug-in, an EEWOWW account and internet access is required.

  1. After installation, the Citation Tool plug-in should appear in the home tab of Microsoft Word.


  2. You can dock Citation Tool panel in the vertical position, horizontal position, or as a free floating panel.


  3. In the horizontally docked Citation Tool Panel, the preview section is opened by default.


  4. In the vertically docked (or free floating) Citation Tool Panel, the preview section can be displayed by double clicking an item.


  5. To have quick access to your EEWOWW account, click on your name at the top left hand corner of the Citation Tool panel. EEWOWW will open in a browser, where you will be able to organize your items, folders and perform database search.

    * If you have made changes to your folder structure, please click on citetoolicon3 to refresh the folders in the Citation Tool add-in.


  6. Finally, to help you get aquainted with the functions of Citation Tool, here is a brief explaination of the main buttons.


    citeaccounttool1 Template selection.

    citeaccounttool2 Refresh your folders to reflect changes made in your EEWOWW account.

    citeaccounttool3 Log out from Citation Tool.

    citetoolicon Insert selected item(s) from your EEWOWW account.

    citetoolicon2 Select or customize a citation style.

    citetoolicon3 Refresh your in-text and bibliographic citation(s) in your document.

    citetoolicon4 Show a list of all the cited references.

    citetoolicon5 Select file for originality checking.

    citetoolicon6 Preview Panel.

    citetoolicon7 Sort and find options.