What is EEWOWW?
EEWOWW is an online tool that streamlines the information management process. It provides an integrated platform from data collecting, citation management, manuscript formatting, to originality checking and sharing. It is the cradle nursing your ideas into reality.

Who will be benefited from EEWOWW?
EVERYONE. With EEWOWW you can easily search, manage and share all types of information.

Where and when can I use EEWOWW?
EVERYWHERE and ANYTIME. EEOWW is a web-based platform available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any location via the internet.

What makes EEWOWW so unique?
EEWOWW provides an innovative platform to help you search, manage, write, and share information efficiently. Its originality checking functionality (a separated institutional iThenticate license from Turnitin is required) allows you to explore similar works that may be related to yours and thus expand your expertise by smart discovery. The pre-built templates are ready-to-use not only for professional purposes but also for personal applications as well. EEWOWW is a comprehensive information management tool throughout your lives.

How to start to use EEWOWW?
Just register for free on http://root.eewoww.com/pro/registration.aspx. You may also login with your Google or Facebook account.